About Us


MephitOSK (pronounced Meh-fit-O-S-K) was founded on a deep love of cyberpunk, video gaming and RPGs. A dream of flying cars, cybernetic multilevel cities, intergalactic travel, technospace rebels and android citizens. And while we can't deliver the future in its entirety, we can celebrate the world of tomorrow by wearing its designs today.


The Mephit in MephitOSK comes from the scientific name Mephitis Mephitis, which is the common striped skunk. Skunks are known for standing out and making themselves known, and our signature back stripe styles pay homage to their bold and striking fur patterns. The name is also inspired by Skunkworks, which are top secret facilities where cutting edge technology is often designed and prototyped.

The OSK is an acronym for our company motto: Outlandish. Sensational. Kinetic. If a design feels like something you would find in a department store, it gets scrapped. We're not interested in generic clothing you can find anywhere. While we have no problem with basic and simple designs found by the droves, we wanted to strive for something bolder.


Each one of our styles is grouped into themed factions - the SENTINELS, the DATACORRUPT, the JUNKERS and the CIVILIANS.

The SENTINELS are for those who enjoy the mil-tech side of cyberpunk - the corporate mercenaries, the cyborg policemen, the private armies of bodyguards. They have a more uniform and simpler design and share a common logo to reflect solidarity in enforcing the continued status quo of society.

The DATACORRUPT are for those who love the public enemies, the people's heroes. The hackers, the technosaboteurs, the cyber rebels. They have a far glitchier, asymmetrical and individualist design to show their stance against the system. Some even sport fragmented variants of the SENTINEL logo as a wearable manifesto of their refusal to conform to authority.

The JUNKERS are for those who admire the purest punk elements of the cyberpunk universe - those who rebel not by choice but because society never gave them a chance not to. The JUNKERS live in the rusted scrapyards and the debris-filled alleyways beyond the neon lit streets. Some may call them scum, but to the JUNKERS, it's called family.

And last but not least are the CIVILIANS - those who go about their daily lives making the cyberpunk society what it is. The laboratory technicians, the cybersurgeons, the workers and reporters, the everyperson. They may not be heroes or villains, but the world would feel empty without them.

Who will you become?

MephitOSK - Sport the Future.