CIVILIANSWhen the governments of the world depleted their resources in a struggle for technological dominance, the peoples of planet earth began to disband and dismantle the societies they had wrought for millennia before the rise of the ever watchful and vigilant SENTINELS took the masses profitable to their corporate rulers and fashioned a singular global community. No longer disparate cultures seperated by geographic and political borders, humanity conglomerated as one, monetary gain, scientific innovation and thrill seeking the only aspirations of most.

Though under a system of complete capitalism, CIVILIANS are often housed according to which company their occupation belongs to for discounted rates on the cost of living, redrawing the boundaries of the world and sectorizing the population by the borders of megacorp property lines.

While many are either hired or forced into the SENTINELS, and several others join the DATACORRUPT movement, the vast majority live their lives in fantastic banality; the artificial intelligence, transhumanist augmentation, holographic displays, mechanical servants and delivery drones integrating seamlessly with everyday life. A small portion of the population, known as the Naturalists, do everything they can to protest further scientific advancement, but their cries for humanity are drowned out and ignored by the masses.

Many CIVILIANS find employment in biotech firms, artificial intelligence advancement, factories, hydroponics and entertainment sectors, but new research into interstellar makes colonizing and terraforming other planets a new horizon for earth's citizens, as well as its corporate elite, who hunger always for more and more expansion. Space colonization firms are already building lunar and martian bases and sending venturous souls to the moons of Neptune and Saturn, and are developing shielding technology so they can construct mining facilities on Mercury.

Constantly fed by corporate media, public opinion is split down the middle between those who believe the SENTINELS are humanity's saviours and those who secretly side with the uprising of the DATACORRUPTS. Civilians inform on each other for monetary benefit and subversive victories, forming an unspoken secondary layer to the war between loyalists and insurrectionists. Secrets and technology are smuggled to and fro, breeding mistrust and a tighter grip on security by the SENTINELS.

To be a CIVILIAN is to be integral to the survival of the human race. Depending on your accomplishments, many or none may remember you after you are gone.