DATACORRUPTNo amount of safety is ever worth the cost of losing one's freedom. After the corporations rose to power and the crushing grip of the SENTINELS was felt the world over, people whose lives were darkened by this syndicated militia began to congregate in secret. Curfews, a global surveillance system, pre-crime profiling and harsh martial law put in place to maximize the monetary gain of the capitalist elite who already had too much wealth only made the cause of the subversives stronger in the hearts of the average CIVILIAN.

The first steps to regaining human freedom was to dismantle the system of control, to hack into and destroy vital SENTINEL databanks, and so the DATACORRUPT movement was born. Bold freedom fighters that began as mere nuisances in skirmishes all too easily mopped up by SENTINELS and their sentry bots and weaponized androids, cold killing machines that impassively exterminated any perceived unlawful activity.

But as word spread of the wrongs done by the ever increasingly corrupt SENTINELS, and the newly emerging libertarian resistance movement, upgrades and weaponry began secretly flowing out of miltech and biotech firms, through those who either sympathized with or capitalized on the new underground opposition, giving the DATACORRUPT the means with which to hold their own against the all-powerful and always watching SENTINELS.

Now the name of the DATACORRUPT and their heroic deeds are known the world over, and although it has become unlawful to do so openly, there are many from all walks of life who quietly cheer them on and envy their noble bravery.