JUNKERSAs the newly formed global corporate syndicate revitalized the world, renovating precinct after precinct in their own shining image, those who lived in impoverished areas that were approved for reconstruction were forcibly evicted as their homes were destroyed en masse. Protests did nothing to stop the destruction of their lives, and riots were met with mass incarcerations.

The displaced were housed in temporary camps, districts outside of the city limits filled with prefabricated units that were little more than remodeled shipping crates, and told that they would have brand new homes in a matter of months. They were promised new lives, a transit system back to the metropoli they were evicted from, and their jobs waiting for them when they were allowed to return.

But endless red tape and corruption made their displacement indefinite, and the homes that were rebuilt were given to others instead, either as favors, bribes or employee incentives, and the former lower class population of the cities were permenantly ostracized.

The corporations had little use for these near penniless sectors, so aside from occasional donations for charitable causes, the conurban world forgot of their existence, and their once fairly new housing containers rusted and dilapidated. No amount of petitioning to improve their way of life did any good, and eventually the SENTINELS withdrew their forces from the poorer districts, as their presence was no longer profitable.

Without enforced order, the poverty stricken masses, abandoned by society at large, descended into a free for all as their world oxidized and corroded around them. Gangs, warlords and all manner of tribalism quickly rose as humanity devolved into a struggle for survival. Deprived of resources and applied sciences, they cobbled together crude imitations of the more advanced innovations found on the bodies of unsuspecting travelers, the actual hardware prized more than life itself.

The CIVILIANS in their shining cities of neocrete and glass named the dilapidated eyesores JUNKER districts as the SENTINELS erected walls and automated turrets around their civilizations in an effort to stop the roving bands of emaciated scavengers from pillaging their civic domain.

Nobody will remember your name when you are gone, but you are as free as you are willing to be.