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[Faction: SENTINEL]

"...The all-android band Synthetica finished a stunning 96-hour final world tour last night, taking their fans around the globe with them on the all new Votair Hoverid, a revolutionary new mode of communal transportation shaped like a glass pyramid and capable of holding a stunning 40,000 people on it. Some augmented fans were able to stay awake for the entire performance, calling it the experience of their lives, but many were grateful for the onboard hotels and shopping plazas. The band played every single one of their hits, including Algorithm Art, Holovision Rules The Sector and Holographic After All, sending their fans one last love letter to electrorock before retiring. It was an emotional sendoff to one of the world's most legendary music groups, and one that was heard all around the world. This is ACCEL-CON, bringing you the truth in broadcasting."