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Run. Get away. The city alert has been activated, and the hunter-killer Vaulteurs are closing in, their chrome humanoid bodies leaping and crawling like mechanical spiders in a concerted effort to exterminate your existence. Within your cranial data bank is a secret they will stop at nothing to expunge, one you lifted from a top SENTINEL security officer's database.

But you are upgraded. You are mobile. Run. Run. The energy of the neon lit streets are yours, Angel. You have nothing to fear from gravity, the augmentations in your feet turn ground, roof and wall into one cohesive surface. No gap is too wide to traverse, the integrated mechwing on your back gives you temporary flight, just enough to reach the next rooftop. The next wall to run along. A series of lasers from Vaulteur domes lock on to your head, followed by a precise spray of autotracking shredder bolts tearing your cybernetic body to shreds.

But you were never there. They chased a holographic ghost while you slid down a series of roofs and ladders, and slipped inside a back alley safe house. Your hologram disappears a few moments after the HKs scatter back towards their charging pods, where they await the next SENTINEL alert to activate. Get inside, lock the door, and plug your head into an dead drop network node. Upload the truth and set people free. They deserve to know.