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The ceaseless broadcasts from ACCEL-CON, the planet-wide corporation that monopolized the entire media and media technology markets in the last century, are nothing more than an endless stream of mind-numbing propaganda designed to keep the population of the earth under the control of the corporate conglomerate. They broadcast every single second across millions of channels and hundreds of formats, all at once, and nothing, not even a natural disaster, can keep ACCEL-CON offline. There is always a backup, always some way of continuing their eternal stream of carefully selected narratives, talking heads and product advertisements being broadcast to the masses.

And yet, every now and then, the broadcast will glitch out, the connection will be lost, the endless indoctrinating noise will cease for a few moments and the faces on the holoscreens will distort into a mess of pixels. Many civilians, who expect the endless droning of newscasters and entertainers to be the background noise of their existence, will finally take notice and look up when this occurs. Some find the corrupted broadcasts unsettling, some find it fascinating that imperfections in the system still exist after all these centuries, and some still will crack a smile, knowing that the DATACORRUPT are hard at work to take the system down.