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The most powerful commodity is information, and the information brokers use their positions of power to funnel secrets - some of which are released freely to the populace, often leaked illegally and at great personal risk. Other, more self-centered brokers sell their databases at exorbitant rates and retire very comfortably from their illicit transactions. Others still trade data to the SENTINELS, betraying their cause and fellow freedom fighters for promised forgiveness or better living conditions. But these are few, and their reputation for perfidious dealings become quickly known throughout the underworld, ostracizing them from their brethren and often attracting hired vigilantism.

With the advent of biodrives and cybernetically implanted ports, an information broker's database may look more like a collection of servants or a family than closely guarded secrets, and a transaction of data often has more of a human element than the average civilian realizes. Humans raised and augmented for the sole purpose of file storage, sold or mindwiped with little thought to their emotional state or of enriching their life, are the crux of the less scrupulous Brokers, while those with a conscience still use more traditional methods of storing data, finding the sale of humanity as data antithetical to the cause.