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Acrid smoke rises up from a saudering laser as a lone vigilante integrates a faster processing board into their arm, fusing wires and circuitry together. They set the tool aside, run a few diagnostics and then let the nanoskin close back over before snapping their arm into an outstretched fist. Faster. They're faster now. Perhaps just fast enough.

A bright light blinds them from the side as the whine of aeroengines and the whir of autobolt guns warming up tear through the air. It's very clear who the target is as lasers converge on the vigilante's chest. It took just as much time as they thought it would to be found. The vigilante grins and clenches their fist tight, the servos activating a molecular transformation as their hand, arm and shoulder becomes a mesh of metal and diamond. Maybe....maybe just fast enough.