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City 63, a bright, sparkling chrome and white diorama of metallurgy and corporate image. It sits on the tropical landscape of an ancient former pacific island nation and shines effervescently amidst the sunlit ocean surrounding it. But City 63 is anything but ancient - the blend of architecture and cutting edge technology forms a crystalline heaven for its residents. City 63 has a surprising lack of SENTINEL enforcement, as only high ranking Corporation staff are allowed on the island. The SENTINEL presence is still felt, though the metropolitan isle does not suffer the chokehold of overwhelming security forces that most other cities do.

The lower security, though, naturally breeds massive financial corruption, and what little SENTINEL forces are on the island are handsomely paid to remain ignorant. This is where you come in, operative. The DATACORRUPT are not without their own pools of financial resources, and can easily grease several sympathetic, or at least lucrative, palms, to gain entry. It's up to you to establish an underground network and spread the cause of freedom there, either by winning the hearts of the people, or by padding their accounts with a few extra credits.

If the DATACORRUPT can take over City 63, we can transform this force of corporate greed into a force for liberation.