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[Faction: SENTINELS]

The world is full of lawlessness. Crime runs rampant when left unchecked, but the Vigilant, the surveillance and reconnaissance sector of the SENTINELS, monitor every street, every transaction, every cybernet data transfer with one motive: maintaining the order of society. It is a grueling task, impossible for an unmodified human to ever accomplish. But the Vigilant are augmented with every modern form of detection technology possible, and if  they hold true to their namesake, there is nothing that can escape their watchful eye. Thankfully, their modifications run in the background, allowing them to keep their human life intact by only alerting them with data when something deemed unlawful has been selected for review by cloud computed algorithms. Some augmentated Vigilants in the past have had their implants become defective, causing their poor human minds to shut down from the sheer amount of information that was processed consciously. But those are few and far between nowadays. Welcome to the team, recruit, we'll make sure you don't pop.